Why I Don’t Lend Out My Books

Before I start this post let me make something clear; I’m not being a book snob.

I do not like to lend out my books, and I don’t like to borrow other people’s books BUT I promise there is a good reason for it!

First of all, some day I dream of having a massive book collection, one that rivals that of the library in Beauty and the Beast – sliding ladder and all!

Second, I like to wear-in my books, like a good pair of jeans. Bear with me here. I have a routine.

As I am reading, I fold down the pages when there is something important I want to come back to, such as a quote or a feeling it gave me. Next, once I am finished the book, I like to go back to those folded down pages and re-read them to find what I had originally folded it down for. Finally, I underline the particular sentence or word I loved, and copy it into my journal.

To be fair, I don’t do this with every single book nor every single page I fold, but it is therapeutic for me.

At the same time, when I read a book for the first time I want to read it with fresh eyes. Meaning, I don’t want to see someone else’s pencil marks in the book because then I will try to decipher what they thought instead of what I think. So I don’t want to lend my pencil marked books for the same reason. Let’s compare our takeaways after.

That being said, I do still lend out books on occasion! Or, sometimes I’ll just buy you a copy…

Am I the only one?

I would be open to starting a Sisterhood of the Traveling Books type situation however, where you send the book to a friend and write what you thought in the back ….. might be on to something here.

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