She Said – Book Club Meet Up Recap

Tonight, we met as a group of 10 women – most of whom are strangers to one another, to tackle the difficult and important story that is She Said.

And we’re frustrated.

We’re angry, we’re worried and we’re deflated. We’ve seen incredibly brave women come forward with terrible stories of misconduct and watched the accused continue to rise in power. Even to the highest office.

We have seen those brave women dragged through the mud, given death threats for speaking up, and removed from power for taking a stand.

We have been the ‘she’ in he said she said, and we’ve come to realize that it is not two sides of the same coin, but rather a scale tipped heavily in the other direction. We are one woman standing on that scale, jumping up and down trying to weight it in our favour, out of breath and ready to quit. But when we reach down and pull each other up onto the scale to stand beside one another, the combined weight of our collective voices is slowly – very slowly – bringing us down to equilibrium.

A lot of us finished the book feeling sad. We grappled to find concrete proof that significant, systematic changes are being made to prevent such wrongdoing from recurring.

But after we shared as a group, we are hopeful.

It can be easy to think that speaking out will not change much for the accused, and will uproot the life of the accuser. And that can be true in many cases, but we feel that we are in the early stages of this movement.

#MeToo is just the beginning. People are telling their stories. Next comes consequences, retribution and reform.

We hope.

All we can do is the best we can do. For some of us, that means teaching our sons lessons about consent and respect from an early age. For some, it’s creating a safe space for our friends and our coworkers to know they can share and be heard. For others, it’s continuing this conversation with the people in their lives, keeping it ever present and top of mind.

We had a fantastic discussion tonight about these themes and more.

To keep the conversation going, here are some supplemental reading materials and content that you might find interesting;

  • Know My Name – Chanel Miller
  • Catch and Kill – Ronan Farrow
  • The Morning Show (Apple TV)
  • The Daily Podcast (Search Jodi Kantor and Meghan Twohey)

Thank you to everyone who attended tonight and for everyone who has joined our little book club community. Thank you for sharing, for listening and for always looking for the positive.


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