REVIEW: The Whisper Man

- Alex North ★★★★ Honestly people, just prepare to feel uneasy while reading this novel. After the very sudden death of his wife, Tom decides he and his son, Jake, need to move to a new town for some new beginnings. But the town they move too has had some pretty serious issues in the [...]

Summer Reading Wrap Up

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in more than a few page turners. Between spending sunny days on the dock by the water and rainy days snuggled up by the fire, this summer was the perfect backdrop for several books that I loved. I even broke character and took on a few romance novels! [...]

Five Female Characters I Adore

There is an undeniable attraction between myself and a book with a strong female character. More and more often it seems authors are crafting their stories no longer around heroic male figures, but around fierce and powerful women. As readers, we are have the privilege of stepping into incredibly moving stories of the trails and [...]