Meet the Team

Annie – Founder / Reviewer

Favourite Genres: Historical Fiction, Memoirs, Literary Fiction, Self-Help, anything that will help me connect to the world in a more meaningful way

Favourite Place to Read: on the dock, or anywhere by the water

Top 5 Favorite Books: Beartown, The Outsiders, The Nightingale, The Little Prince, The Measure of My Powers

Fun Fact: I wrote a book when I was in Grade 10 called “All the Lonely People”. Also, I trick myself into working out by reading on the treadmill.

About me:I have been a bookworm for my entire life. I grew up devouring books late at night tucked under my covers, or sneaking out of class to hide and read.

Christy – Contributor

Favourite Genres: Feminist, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery Thrillers, and anything that can transport me to a beautiful place.

Favourite place to read: Anywhere I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and no time restraints exist… So, the lake in the summer. Or in the sand on vacation. I’d settle for either.

Top 5 favourite books: In no particular order: The Goldfinch, The Nightingale, The Girl on the Train, Where the Crawdads Sing, and The Outsiders.

Fun fact: Likely not ‘fun’, but a fact; the top 5 favourite books I listed above aren’t my definitive list of favourites. The books that stand out the most to me at any time and have the strongest impact tend to change as I do; I struggle choosing a limited number of favourite books when new favourites are constantly springing up the more I read. Those books are the ones that first came to mind now, but ask me again in a week when I finish my current read… Although, The Outsiders has been a constant favourite of mine since I read it in middle school.

About me: I am very much an introvert and I find social interaction draining. My ideal Friday/Saturday night looks like what the majority of people’s Sunday “day of rest” does; a book, some tea, if I’m feeling crazy maybe a glass of wine, some good (and by good I mean quiet) company (my book and cuddle buddy). “Self-care” every day.

Lexie – Contributor

Favourite Genres: Thrillers, Murder Mysteries, Historical Fictions, Autobiographies

Favourite Place To Read: Next to the water,  with coffee or wine or on a plane with coffee or wine. 

Top 5 Favourite Books: The Nightingale, No Exit, Winters Garden, The Clockmakers Daughter, Brief Answers to the Big Questions

Fun Fact: As soon as I pass TSA in an airport I am reading until I land at my destination. (Even if I’m traveling with someone- I’m not rude, I just like books better than people)

About Me: I used to hate to read. Never completed my summer reading in grade school, never read my textbook, but once I read The Nightingale for pleasure in 2015 I became a book addict… now it’s become an issue.