A Gentleman In Moscow – Amor Towels

3/5 Stars
Reviewed by: Annie
Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Culture – Russia
Published by: Penguin Random House , March 26th 2019
Pages: 496

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A Gentleman in Moscow is the tale of Count Alexander Rostov, a man condemned to a life sentence confinement within the walls of the Metropol Hotel in Russian in the 1900’s. As the years go by on his sentencing, we are introduced to a number of lovely characters that belong to the hotel, the most important of all being a young girl whom The Count becomes immediately enamoured with. As the events change drastically in Russia, The Count finds himself doing whatever he can to protect her against all odds.

A literary gem. A Gentleman in Moscow is delicately written. It is both clever and informative while still entertaining. Though I have to admit, the first 300 pages really dragged on for me, without them, the ending would not have been so sweet and mischievous. I am a sucker for a well laid plan.

I struggled with many chapters of this story, owing to my own lack of prerequisite knowledge on Russian history in the early 1900’s. Therefore, I was often skimming words I did not understand, and likely not catching most references that I’m sure advanced the plot in a more satisfactory way.

I do very much appreciate subtly in the art of literature so this book was right up my alley in that way. Though I perhaps could have done with one or two less pages dedicated to The Count’s daily meal routine, I can see how those events were used purposefully to advance the solitude he was captured by.

Overall a lovely read, though not one I would classify as a page turner.

Reviewed by: Annie

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