Brief Answers to the Big Questions – Stephen Hawking

5/5 Stars
Reviewed by: Lexie (Contributor)
Genre: Science, Nonfiction, Philosophy
Published by: Bantam, October 16 2018
Pages: 256

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My urge to read this book came from the movie The Theory of Everything, which I highly suggest you watch if you haven’t already. So when I was traveling and needed a book to read I was so happy that the airport had Brief Answers to the Big Questions, and without hesitation bought it and instantly began reading.

With only 10 chapters this book packs a lot of knowledge and ideas from Hawking. I had no idea how interested I was in science or physics until I read this book, but thats only because it displays it in a language us normal folk can understand. My brain is nowhere near the intelligence level as Hawking’s was, but actually how many human beings in the world do have the brain power that even comes close to his?.. 

Anyway, taking a step back from my normal genre of murder-mystery, suspense novels and diving into a book like this was refreshing and fun for me. Getting partial answers to questions like “How did it all begin?”, “Is time travel possible?”, and “Will we survive on Earth?” kept me entertained the whole way through.. obviously. Who wouldn’t keep reading if you have the answer to when the world is going to end. And spoiler alert it wont end in our lifetime.. unless Hawking is wrong, but thats highly improbable. 

Reviewed by: Lexie (Contributor)