Circe – Madeline Miller

4.5/5 Stars
Reviewed by: Annie
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Mythology –
Published by: Little Brown and Company. April 10th, 2018
Pages: 393

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Circe was my first taste of Greek Mythology since high school and I found it splendid. It was a pleasant mix of the stories we grew up learning about, Zeus, Helios, Athena, with an intriguing touch of fantasy and fiction.

Circe (pronounced sir-see) is the daughter of the mighty and powerful sun god, Helios, but unlike her father, she does not possess natural powers of the gods. Nor does she hold the immaculate beauty of her mother the water nymph. Her differences cause Circe to isolate herself, and spend time among mortals with whom she feels more akin.

Eventually, Circe learns that though she does not posses the powers of gods, what she does posses is something different and foreign….witchcraft. Her powers frighten Helios and she is banished to a deserted island where she is sentenced to spend her immortal eternity.

On her island, Circe hones her craft and becomes more powerful than she knew possible. Her powers serve to protect her from the many dangers that are put in her path ranging from mythical creatures, hungry sailors and even the gods themesleves…

I thoroughly enjoyed Circe. I love when books serve a dual purpose of education and entertainment. It is beautifully written, and Circe’s character growth was wonderful. Highly highly recommended this one. Don’t be intimidated by the subject matter – I would not have expected to have enjoyed a book about Greek Mythology so much but I truly did.




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Reviewed by: Annie