Sleeping Beauties – Stephen King & Owen King

2/5 Stars
Reviewed by: Lexie (Contributor)
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Fiction
Published by: Scribner
Pages: 702



I was so excited to read this book, I mean who wouldn’t be excited to read a Stephen King novel? But I felt like I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for something to happen or evolve into something, but nothing ever did. There were so many characters, too many at that, and there were still new ones being introduced within the last 150 pages.

The idea of this book and the plot had so much potential, but there were animals incorporated into the story that just seemed way too out of place, a jumbled story line at times that was hard to follow, and again too many characters. I mean, King had a women’s prison, drug busts, and so many opportunities to make this book fun and exciting, but there was never any development on the good stuff.

I gave it two stars because there was some humor in it that I enjoyed and there were some entertaining components, like the first 200 pages-but that’s about all for me. The next 500 pages let me down, and they let me down hard. Talking animals, rats that obey commands, it was just all messy and unorganized at times.

It also doesn’t help that with about 100 pages to go the flight attendant looks at me and my book and goes, “Oh, a Stephen King book? Good luck, he never knows how to end his novels!” So with 100 pages left I was rooting for King to prove this nosey flight attendant wrong, however she was the one who prevailed in the end. There wasn’t a good ending to the book. So much build up, and so many things going on that I was wondering how he could possibly tie it all together into one epic ending, and the answer was; he didn’t.

So ladies, don’t waste your time with this 700 page novel of nothingness, what was fun and held some promise in the beginning let me down real hard in the end.

Reviewed by: Lexie (Contributor)