The Hunting Party – Lucy Foley

3/5 Stars
Reviewed by: Lexie
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction
Published by: Harper Collins , January 24th 2019
Pages: 394

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Let’s set the scene: You and your closest college friends, plus some of their significant others, book a secluded New Years Eve get away out in the wide open forest with a ton of nature, looking to make some new memories as a group. Add in the unavoidable drama and obviously mix in a drink (or a ton of drinks, depending on your friends [and if they judge you then get new friends]) and you’d probably end up with a murder on your hands too… or not, depending on your group of friends… 

This group of Oxford grads are so dramatic, and obnoxious that I wanted to be on the trip with them just for the pure satisfaction I’d receive from observation (and for the fact that it would make me feel better about my psycho friends, maybe they’re not so psycho). The entertainment of reading this books comes from numerous aspects. If you’re a fan of multiple points of view, such as myself, then crack open this book and dig in because these POV changes will only heighten your suspicion. 

Good suspense novel, but it didn’t deliver the whole “WTF?!” factor that I like when I finish a book, ya know? The one where you really wonder how the hell an author came up with that story line, and if they have these thoughts then should they really be trusted to be published, praised, and roaming the earth??? Well, none of that here. Lucy Foley seems like a decent human being and a good writer, she’s safe to roam the streets.  

Reviewed by: Lexie (Contributor)

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