The Word is Murder – Anthony Horowitz

3.75/5 Stars
Reviewed by: Lexie (Contributor)
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Suspense,
Published by: Harper, June 5th 2018
Pages: 390

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Clever, Indulgent, Intriguing, Out of the Ordinary. Just a couple words to describe this mix between fiction and non-fiction that I fell in love with due to the creativity from the author. Don’t be confused when Anthony Horowitz places himself in the book as the right hand man to the detective of a murder that happened to a wealthy old lady six hours after she planned her own funeral, just know that you’ve been cast under a spell of curiosity which will lead you to read this book in less than 24 hours (if you’re anything like me, which I hope you’re not [for your mothers sake]).

Honestly, I thought I had predicted what was going on and in part I had. However, like any good murder mystery suspense novel (whatever the kids are labeling it these days) I was pretty wrong and the book took a turn for a shocking series of events- BUT GOOD, cause that’s why we buy these books because we know that our money is much better off being spent on a paperback novel rather than ANOTHER bottle of wine, am I right?

 Horowitz puts together such an unfortunate but also exciting series of events that he explains from a first-person point of view. In the novel he’s a writer, the right hand man of a detective, witness to every murder scene and investigation, and on the cusp of his career writing a movie with Steven Spielberg… but will he risk it all to follow around a degenerate detective to figure out who murdered wealthy old Diana Cowper (such a classy name).

This is a novel where we follow the Watson alongside of Holmes. Tricky and entertaining. So, enjoy the summer sun with this addicting novel. Let the rays soak into your skin (with sunscreen obviously) and let the pages turn, and you’ll wonder if this is a work of fiction or non-fiction by how vivid Horowitz write this novel, because my bottle of wine that I was reading while drinking made me second guess… (see what I did there?)

Reviewed by: Lexie (Contributor)

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